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At Qualified Counsellors we understand there are many concerns that you may reach out for. We’ve compiled some guides compiled that are designed to help you understand and work through common issues. Our hope is that these guides can give you a better understanding of your concerns to aid your communication with your counsellor.


An addiction is a distressing problem which may seriously affect the life of a person suffering from an addiction. Broadly an addiction is defined as not being able to do without a certain substance or activity. There are many factors which can cause an addiction. Addiction can be a challenge to come to terms with, with support from Qualified Counsellors we can support you through your battle. Your not alone!  Read more ….

Anger Management

Good chance you’ve felt anger at one point in life. This is a normal feeling that happens to everyone. At times anger is natural, though sometimes and irrational or unwanted emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. Anger can drive you into doing something you will regret, this is why anger management is important. Qualified Counsellors can help, read more …


Feeling of fear or panic. When you get out of it, a feeling of calmness comes in – sometimes known as Anxiety. Anxiety is a state that knows no age or gender. When you have money problems, stress or simply in a difficult situation then you are bound to get anxious. Although the condition develops for no apparent reason, there are various factors that play a part and cause anxiety. There is more you need to know and learn about anxiety.  Learn More …


Sometimes when times are tough and we have strong feelings of being sad, low or just in a dark place. Such a reaction is normal during difficult situations. However, if you experience such feelings deeply for extensive duration of time and still have trouble going about your daily activities, chances are that you are suffering from depression.  Depression is not just a sad or low feeling,   Read more ….

Grief and Loss

Through our life we will experience may instances of grief and loss. Grief can be defined as an emotion experienced by those who have lost something or someone they loved or cared for. This is a normal emotion and works as a mechanism to come to terms with the emptiness created by the absence of something or someone. It is not easy to comprehend grief.   Grief affects us all differently and different people handle grief differently.  Read more ….


If you’re having trouble sleeping or always seem to be overthinking and worrying, then there is a good chance that you’re dealing with stress. Stress is representative of your mental, emotional and physical state of being. And it is something that we must all cope with at one point in our lives. Whenever you’re under a lot of pressure or are dealing with certain demands, your body reacts to it – no matter how good or bad the situation is.  Read more ….

Weight Management

You are totally famished and have your favorite food on the table but you just can’t eat it – a frustrating feeling. The thoughts of gaining additional weight have filled your mind, that’s why you can’t touch the food. Then you find yourself losing weight abnormally or gaining weight despite your efforts. You’re exhausted from battling the weight management issues you face. Weight management – let’s face it, it’s not an easy battle Read more ….