Anger Management

If you are a human being, then you have felt anger at one point in life. This is normal and happens to everyone. Anger Management Counselling means you don’t need to do this alone.

What is anger?

This is a natural, though sometimes irrational or unwanted, emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. This is sometimes described as a primary, natural emotion which has evolved as a way of protecting yourself from wrong-doing or as a way of surviving. When not handled, anger can drive you into doing something you will regret, this is why anger management is important.

Anger Management Support is Available

Don’t let angry emotions take control of you.  Take congrol of your anger, learn new skills and ways to cope with Anger Management Counselling from Qualified Counsellors.

What is anger management?

This is the process of learning to recognize anger signs and taking measures to calm down and handle the situation positively. It is important to understand that anger management doesn’t keep you from feeling angry or hold in your anger. It teaches you how to control yourself since anger is a normal and healthy emotion. Anger management counselling can support you today.  Anger is not easy to hide. Someone struggling with unresolved anger will demonstrate a variety of signs including irritability. You will know you are angry when you are irritated with situations and circumstances that would not bother you otherwise.

Anger also reduces tolerance for the limitations and weaknesses of others. So if you are impatient then you are probably angry. An angry person will often demand an instant response to his/her instructions. In case his instructions are not addressed then he becomes angry.  Glaring eyes are a sign you are about to erupt. Anger normally affects the facial features to empower a penetrating glare, clear frown, tense facial muscles and furrowed brows. You will also notice prominent veins, enlarged pupils and flushed complexion.  Physical tension is a symptom of anger. You will also know you are about to get angry when your jaw muscles tighten to bring great pressure on the teeth. The feeling of anger also causes rapid heartbeat and demand more oxygen. This is why an angry person breathes heavily.

 Anger management with iCounselling

Sometimes anger can drive you to do things that will land you in trouble. This is whwere iCounselling can help support you before it gets to this point. However, you can manage your own anger by thinking before you speak. This means taking time in the heat of the event to collect your thoughts before saying anything. You can express your anger after you have calmed down. As soon as you are thinking clearly, you can express your frustrations in a non-confrontational way. You don’t have to hurt anyone or break anything to show you are angry.
Most people think timeouts are for kids. However, taking a time out will help you feel better prepared to handle the situation without getting angry or irritated. So when you are about to explode, give yourself a short break. 

That said, you should be able to understand the signs and anger levels to be able to handle yourself better. Managing your anger by yourself may not be easy. This is where iCounselling can help.

There is always help available

At iCounselling we are here to walk along side you and support you through your anger. Our highly skilled counsellors are waiting to support you today. From just $76 it's a small investment for your long term health and wellbeing.
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