Anxiety, it’s a common concern and we’ve all felt it at some time. Anxiety to a certain level is considered health as it helps keep us safe. It’s when anxiety takes over that it is no longer healthy.

Anxiety, so what is it?

This is the feeling of fear or panic. When you get out of it, a feeling of calmness comes in. Anxiety is a state that knows no age or gender – it doesn’t discriminate. There is more you need to know about anxiety.

Although the condition develops for no apparent reason, there are various factors that play a part and cause anxiety. For example, your genetic ‘makeup’ may be the reason why you are anxious. This is the material inherited from parents that controls various aspects in the body. The anxious personality in most people runs in the family.

Take control of Anxiety

Stop fearing Anxiety and get the support to make it fear you. Yes, it is possible to control Anxiety.  With the support from a Qualified Counsellor you can gain back your wellbeing.

Childhood traumas have also been the cause of anxiety in most people. This includes death of parents or abuse. The events will still haunt most people even in their old age.

The other common trigger of anxiety is a major stress in life. For instance, a family crisis or a major civilian trauma like a toxic chemical spill or terror related event. The symptoms in this case will persist when any trigger has gone. Common minor stresses in life you may have easily coped with may keep the symptoms going once the condition has been triggered. If you have other mental health problems such as schizophrenia or depression, you may develop generalized anxiety disorder.

You may be experiencing anxiety but don’t know about it. The common symptom of a generalized anxiety disorder is worrying too much about everything. This means having persistent anxious thoughts every day. The worry may be too much that it interferes with your daily life and you feel anxious from the moment you wake up.

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep may be a sign that you are suffering from the condition. Although staying awake may be due to a pending job interview or speech, too much of it is a sign of an anxiety disorder.


Talking to a qualified counsellor can help you understand work with anxiety.

It is important to understand that anxiety isn’t generalized at all; on the contrary, it is linked to a specific thing or situation like crowds, animals or flying. Fear that is disruptive, overwhelming and out of proportion is a clear sign of the condition.

Muscle tension also indicates that you may be suffering from anxiety. Flexing your muscles, clenching your jaw or balling your fists can be a accompany to anxiety disorder. This is a symptom that persists and becomes pervasive to an extend that it’s no longer noticeable.


Managing anxiety

There are tips you should consider if you wish to manage your anxiety. The first one is learning what triggers your anxiety. It could be family, work, school or something else. You can write in a journal when you feel anxious or stressed then look for a pattern.

Talking to someone also helps you manage this condition. You should tell friends and family what you are feeling and let them help you out. For professional help, link in with Qualified Counsellors today.

Get involved in different activities. You can volunteer or find other ways of being active in your community. This gives you a break from the everyday stress and creates a support network.

That said, you shouldn’t feel alone simply because you are anxious. This is a common condition that affects anyone. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms or if you already suffer from anxiety, feel free to get the support you deserve with Qualified Counsellors. This is a concern that can be eased.

There is always help available to take control of your anxiety

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