Counsellors at iCounselling tailor their approach to how to best support you. Our counsellors use many therapies and often will use more then one at any time.

Building the connection

Person Centered Therapy is the foundation of any counselling session. Your counsellor always aims to listen without judgement providing you a safe space to talk about what’s going on for you. Being able to reflect back what they’ve heard helps you explore your story safely.

Looking at behaviours and thoughts

Sometimes through counselling we identify that we have automatic thoughts that lead us astray. Automatic thoughts are thoughts that occur automatically based on certain events or actions. Generally we are not aware of those thoughts. Through Cognitively Behavioural Therapy your counsellor will help you explore your thoughts and behaviours and help you explore other ways to process thoughts.

Telling a story from afar

Giving you the power back over your life is important. Narrative Therapy aims to achieve this. Your a expert in your life and with your support from your counsellor you can tell your stroy. Your counsellor will help you seperate yourself from the story to help you have a wider perspective on what is going on for you.

Focusing on a way forward

Sometimes just finding solutions for a way forward can be more helpful then exploring the past in details. Solution Focused Therapy aims to be a brief therapy to help you discover a way forward. Solution Focused Therapy is often well received and find it helps.